Storefront of the Rockwood Mills Shoppes and Opera House

Rockwood Mill Shoppes

Stop at the Rockwood Mill Shoppes while riding the Great Allegheny Passage and enjoy frothy drinks, creamy ice cream, or homemade baked goods in its café. Try a delicious sandwich or a unique pizza (with combinations to excite every palate), or order up their all-time favorite, chicken pot pie. Ready for a cultural experience? Try a show in the original Opera House! Enjoy an evening swept away by jazz, relive 60’s favorites, or a multitude of other entertainment options. Everyone loves to shop, especially when shopping feels like a treasure hunt! Rockwood Mill Shoppes is the perfect place to find something no one else will have, because it’s unique, homemade and American! Be sure to ask about shipping. For the history buff, the Antique Shoppe next door has collections of items found over the years. There’s enough to fill the original Penrose Wolf House! Take a tour of items from early America and through the mid-twentieth century. Love coal and Pennsylvania history? They even have a coal museum! Explore and plan your day at Rockwood Mill Shoppes and Opera House!