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APR 30 2017 | Current Trail Alerts

The BIG SAVAGE TUNNEL will be opened for the 2017 trail season mid-afternoon on March 24, 2017. Happy Trails!

The Paw Paw Tunnel of the C&O Canal  requires the temporary closure of the north (downstream) tunnel portal and towpath. The project will involve assessing, removing or "scaling" loose and unstable rock, and then pinning solid rock to increase stability above the towpath.   We are excited that this work will begin in late February! During the project a portion of the towpath at the north or downstream end of the tunnel will be closed to all users. A less steep bypass trail will be signed directing thru-bikers and hikers to the top of Tunnel Hill then connecting with the existing trail. Hikers will be able to continue to use the entire Tunnel Hill Trail during the project. Please see the attached FAQ for the project

KEYSTONE/SANDCASTLE AREA: Friends of the Riverfront and the City of Pittsburgh are actively addressing a recent water accumulation issue adjacent to Keystone/Sandcastle along the Three Rivers Heritage Trail/ Great Allegheny Passage. The area may accumulate several inches of water during significant rain events. Additional details including a scheduled for remediation will be provided shortly. Check the Friends of the Riverfront's website for updates.

CONSTRUCTION ALERT AT GAP MILE MARKER 10 associated with the slide repair. Construction is underway and all bike traffic will need to exercise caution and walk their bike around the construction area (i.e. between the track rails). The area will be fenced off and barricades will be placed at the east and west ends of the site. Detour signs will be placed on the barricades indicating a right and left detour respectively. Construction equipment will be utilizing the trail from the Woodcock Hollow trailhead to the construction site. The heavy equipment will impact the trail and most likely kick larger stone onto the trail. All riders must be aware of the construction activity and use caution in this area. Construction is anticipated through mid-February. The grass shoulders and bike trail will be restored to equal or better condition at the conclusion of the project. 

POINT STATE PARK FOUNTAIN: Furthering the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources partnership with the City of Pittsburgh, Point State Park will suspend operation of the fountain on November 20, 2016. The operational extension was approved to support the National League of Cities event scheduled to take place in Pittsburgh from November 16, 2016 to November 19, 2016. Please know the fountain will be operating on limited hours through the approved time frame from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. Park staff will monitor the weather to assure visitor safety through inclement conditions. As previously noted, we plan to resume operation of the fountain in April 2017.    Your continued support of this National Historic Landmark and our resources is greatly appreciated.

MAR 21 2017 | Big Savage Tunnel

The Big Savage Tunnel will be opened for trail use mid-afternoon on March 24, 2017. Happy Trails!

The 3,300 ft. long Big Savage Tunnel, near the Mason-Dixon Line, is lighted and is opened during trail season. The tunnel is generally closed for the winter from early December to early April - Please check this site for updates.

JAN 25 2017 | Water & Restroom Facilities

There are chemical toilets at the campgrounds and GAP access areas, but limited potable water, especially since the NPS is no longer treating the pump water at the hiker/biker campgrounds. Carry at least a quart of water more than you think you need. Take advantage of towns along the way for water resupply. 

NOV 1 2016 | Ohiopyle State Park

Updates and photos of the new Visitors Center are available on ‘Ohiopyle State Park’ Facebook page.

Additional Ohiopyle State Park information can be found on the PA-DCNR website.

NOV 1 2016 | Montour Trail

For complete details on all construction notices for the Montour Trail please Visit the Website

NOV 1 2016 | Three Rivers Heritage Section

PITTSBURGH, PA: *To get answers to specific questions concerning the Three Rivers Heritage Trail detours, please join one of their Social Network sites: Visit the Website.

NOV 1 2016 | Brush & Borden Tunnels, MD

The Brush Tunnel is lighted. The Borden tunnel is NOT lighted - For your safety, PLEASE DISMOUNT & WALK through this tunnel.

NOV 1 2016 | Scenic RR Excursions to Frostburg off track

The Western Maryland Scenic RR Frostburg excursions are off track. The landslide, located on tracks between Frostburg and Switch No. 9, was discovered Thursday during a routine track inspection. The train will only go as far as Switch 9 until further notice. The Great Allegheny Passage trail is not impacted by this slide, this section is open for trail use.

SEP 20 2015 | Pinkerton Tunnel

Pinkerton Tunnel - ridersPinkerton Tunnel is now open!

You still have the option to take a 1.5 mile detour around the restored Pinkerton tunnel, near mile 52 in Somerset County. Besides shortening the distance, fixing the tunnel has create another spectacular feature along the trail. Located between the Pinkerton Low and High Bridges, the "bridge-tunnel-bridge" in quick succession is a marvel. It's also make a great way to create a loop ride, using the tunnel and the detour trail. Thanks to all of the donors and supporters who made it happen! 

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