Fishing amid pandemic; the frustration and the fun

JUL 27 2020


Herald - by Ben Moyer - Who would have imagined it six months ago? After a decades-long slide in fishing license sales, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission reports that license sales this year are up by 21%. People appear to be adapting to pandemic confinement by going fishing.

Waiting to buy my hunting license at a large retail store earlier this month, it wasn’t a line that caused the wait. I’d gone early enough to beat the rush. The delay was due to the attendant’s frantic efforts by phone to locate fishing tackle for re-sale. After his call, the clerk told me suppliers had little tackle left, and retail outlets were taking anything they could get, then selling out fast. Read More....

PHOTO: Pandemic has spurred fishing license sales, but beginners face a learning curve. These children affiliated with East End Community Center in Uniontown enjoyed a day of fishing and instruction, pre-pandemic, in the spring of 2019, offered by the Chestnut Ridge Chapter of Trout Unlimited. (Photo by Ben Moyer)


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