Meet The Woman Who Made Life Better For Her Neighbors. Millions Of Them!

OCT 28 2020

Meyersdale Open Anne Linaberger, Chief Content Officer at Sparkt - Lots of people have big dreams. But only exceptional people have the vision to make them come true.  Linda McKenna Boxx is one of those people.Linda led the effort to create something that almost a million people enjoy every year: a continuous "rails-to-trails" hiking and biking trail system, built along abandoned railroad rights-of-way, that allows people to bike from downtown Pittsburgh all the way to Washington, DC, and lots of places in between. Read More....


The Great Allegheny Passage ® (GAP) rail-trail offers 150 miles of hiking and biking from Cumberland MD to Pittsburgh,PA.


P.O. Box 228
Homestead, PA 15120