Ohiopyle State Park — A one of a kind experience

JUL 31 2020

Ohiopyle Falls

Daily American - Ohiopyle State Park in Fayette County is a unique experience.  That's because Ohiopyle is the only state park in the world where a town is located in the center of a state park.   "It's a package deal and we (at the park service) work together with the businesses to keep things going as a partnership," said Ken Bisbee, park operations manager at Ohiopyle State Park in Fayette County.

Bisbee explained that Ohiopyle State Park is the only park in the world where a state park surrounds a town. He says that the Borough of Ohiopyle is constantly busy and visitors from around the world can go to a restaurant or bakery in town while enjoying the natural sites around them in the park. Ohiopyle maintains its own police department and post office along with several businesses, like a pizza shop and ice cream places. Read More...  Photo Credit: Sandra Lepley, Ohiopyle Falls


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