Ultimate GAP Relay Trail Challenge

Count Your Steps during the Ultimate GAP Relay Trail Challenge

By Bryan Perry |

Run in your own neighbhorhood and log your miles between October 4 and 31 as part of the Ultimate GAP Relay Trail Challenge presented by UPMC Health Plan.

This daily movement challenge consists of a new challenge six days a week for four weeks – that’s 24 challenges that each align with a leg of the in-person GAP Relay. On some days, you’ll focus on running a specific distance, others you’ll aim to get a certain number of steps in before midnight, and on others you’ll try to climb a certain number of staircases to achieve an elevation goal. You can complete the challenge anywhere you want according to YOUR schedule.

At the end of the 24 days and challenges, you’ll have moved through each leg of the GAP Relay (that’s 150 miles!) and earned yourself a medal and shirt for your efforts PLUS the camaraderie and competition from your fellow challengers. Register