Bicyclist from Above Maryland

GAP Featured in Condé Nast Traveler

By Bryan Perry |

Considering a solo trek on the Great Allegheny Passage? Read How Author Jennifer Weiner Learned to Love Cycling Alone, a lovely featured interview in Condé Nast Traveler that describes the novelist’s return to bicycling and thru-trip on the GAP. Regarding her adventure, “people talk about it as a perfect entry-level bike packing trip, because you can’t get lost,” Weiner notes. “There are mile markers, shelters, water stops, campsites. There’s towns you’re riding through. It sounded very safe to do as a single female traveler.” For Weiner, notes interviewer Jessica Goodman, riding the GAP was as much about independence as breaking free during COVID: “As much as people are excited to connect again, I think a lot of women who are mothers, who are daughters, who are caring for aging parents … we’ve all been leaned on. A lot. Being out in the world and just being totally solo is just a really, really freeing thing.”