Camping shelter in Connellsville Hiker Biker Campground


The Great Allegheny Passage and the adjoining C&O Canal Towpath offer a selection of free, first-come, first-served hiker-biker campgrounds, a handful of fee-based reservation-only public campgrounds, and several fee-based private campgrounds to make overnight camping possible for travelers.

Camping offers beautiful sights, proximity to nearby rivers, and social opportunities among others on the same route.  Keep in mind that both trails are bordered by privately-owned land from end to end, and you must camp in designated areas.

Hiker-Biker Campgrounds

(Free, First-Come, First-Served) 

Dozens of free, first-come, first-served hiker-biker campgrounds dot the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal Towpath.  These contain primitive sites, and offer nearby pit toilets, picnic tables, and grills.  Some have Adirondack-style shelters.  None are accessible by car.  Stays are limited to one night per site, per trip. Potable water is often available from April 15 to October 31, but is not guaranteed at each location. These sites are seldom full, but you must be prepared to travel a little further in case all sites are taken. Note that hiker-biker campgrounds often limit group sizes to six per campsite.  See the table below.

Public Campgrounds

(Fee-Based, Reserve in Advance) 

The Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal Towpath also feature larger public campgrounds operated by public entities.  Typically, you must reserve and pay for your site ahead of time.  These campgrounds are often more developed, with most offering pit toilets, picnic tables, grills and some adding showers and fire rings.  Potable water is often available from April 15 to October 31, but is not guaranteed at each location.  Most are accessible by car and are near towns, making it easier to find nearby groceries and services.  Some have sections reserved for large groups. See the table below.

Commercial Campgrounds

(Fee-Based, Reserve in Advance)

Travelers on both the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal Towpath can also find excellent camping at a number of private campgrounds that cater to long-distance travelers.  They usually require advance (but inexpensive) registration, and while some are primitive in nature, others offer a full range of services, including developed sites, fire rings, picnic tables, bathrooms, and showers.  Some provide laundry facilities or groceries on site.  Some are accessible by car and others are only reachable on foot or by bicycle.  Most are close to nearby towns and their restaurants and services.  See the table below.

Mile MarkerCampground NameCampground Type
C&O Mile 11.5Marsden TractPublic, but Limited to Civic and Scout Groups
C&O Mile 16.6Swains LockHiker-Biker
C&O Mile 26.1Horsepen BranchHiker-Biker
C&O Mile 30.5Chisel BranchHiker-Biker
C&O Mile 34.4Turtle RunHiker-Biker
C&O Mile 38.2Marble QuarryHiker-Biker
C&O Mile 42.5Indian FlatsHiker-Biker
C&O Mile 47.6Calico RocksHiker-Biker
C&O Mile 50.3Bald Eagle IslandHiker-Biker
C&O Mile 54.0Brunswick Family CampgroundCommercial
C&O Mile 62.9Huckleberry HillHiker-Biker
C&O Mile 69.4Antietam CreekPublic
C&O Mile 75.2Killiansburg CaveHiker-Biker
C&O Mile 79.2Horseshoe BendHiker-Biker
C&O Mile 82.7Big WoodsHiker-Biker
C&O Mile 90.9Opequon JunctionHiker-Biker
C&O Mile 95.2Cumberland ValleyHiker-Biker
C&O Mile 101.2Jordan JunctionHiker-Biker
C&O Mile 110.0North MountainHiker-Biker
C&O Mile 110.4McCoys FerryPublic
C&O Mile 116.0Licking CreekHiker-Biker
C&O Mile 120.6Little PoolHiker-Biker
C&O Mile 126.0White RockHiker-Biker
C&O Mile 129.9Leopards MillHiker-Biker
C&O Mile 133.6Cacapon JunctionHiker-Biker
C&O Mile 139.2Indigo NeckHiker-Biker
C&O Mile 140.9Fifteen Mile CreekPublic
C&O Mile 141.0Ridge Rider CampgroundCommercial
C&O Mile 144.5Devil’s AlleyHiker-Biker
C&O Mile 149.4Stickpile HillHiker-Biker
C&O Mile 154.1Sorrel RidgeHiker-Biker
C&O Mile 156.0Paw Paw TunnelPublic
C&O Mile 156.8Purslane RunHiker-Biker
C&O Mile 162.1Town CreekHiker-Biker
C&O Mile 164.8Potomac ForksHiker-Biker
C&O Mile 169.1Pigmans FerryHiker-Biker
C&O Mile 173.3Spring GapHiker-Biker
C&O Mile 175.3Irons MountainHiker-Biker
C&O Mile 180.1Evitts CreekHiker-Biker
GAP Mile 0.0Cumberland YMCACommercial
GAP Mile 15.5Trail Inn Lodging and CampgroundCommercial
GAP Mile 31.9Maple Festival Park Primitive CampgroundCommercial
GAP Mile 61.4Youghiogheny Dam Outflow CampgroundPublic
GAP Mile 61.4Paddler’s Lane CampgroundCommercial
GAP MIle 72.6Ohiopyle State Park / High Bridge Biking CampsitesPublic
GAP Mile 72.6Ohiopyle State Park / Kentuck CampgroundPublic
GAP Mile 89.4Connellsville Hiker-BikerHiker-Biker
GAP Mile 92.0KOA HolidayCommercial
GAP Mile 99.6Roundbottom Hiker-BikerHiker-Biker
GAP Mile 110.2Cedar Creek Hiker-BikerHiker-Biker
GAP Mile 110.3Cedar Creek ParkPublic
GAP MIle 114.1GAP Trail CampgroundCommercial
GAP Mile 122.6Dravo Hiker-BikerHiker-Biker