2023 Downtown Pittsburgh GAP Construction

Section of GAP Between Monongahela Wharf and Point State Park to be Fully Rebuilt in 2023

By Bryan Perry |

After many years of cooperative design work among several state, city, and federal agencies, contractors funded and deployed by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources will completely overhaul the section of the Great Allegheny Passage connecting Point State Park with the Monongahela Wharf in 2023.

This key project will reroute the GAP along the Monongahela River, remove the narrow “pinch point” obstruction caused by highway piering, and eliminate a section of trail contiguous with the parking lot behind the state park offices. It is designed to improve the trail’s surface, width, grade, lighting, and line of sight, all conditions intended to encourage safe travel.

In order to accomplish this work, the GAP will be closed between the Monongahela Wharf Switchback and Point State Park beginning on February 1, 2023, and will not reopen until construction is complete in the fall of 2023. During this time, travelers must use an alternate route, and we recommend using a prescribed 0.75 mile mix of on-road riding and dedicated bike lanes through Downtown Pittsburgh as shown in TrailGuide. This alternative route is largely marked with green-and-white signs by the City of Pittsburgh and includes short sections of Smithfield Street, Third Avenue, Stanwix Street, Penn Avenue, and Liberty Avenue.

The Monongahela Wharf Switchback, as well as parking and boat launch will remain open during construction.

The DCNR has awarded bids to Mosites Construction Company as the general contractor for the project, and to Allegany City Electric as the electrical contractor. Project questions can be directed to Point State Park via e-mail at ra-pointsp@pa.gov or by calling the park office at 412-565-2850.