Sheepskin Trail in autumn

Sheepskin Trail

Photo courtesy of National Road Heritage Corridor

General Information

The Sheepskin Trail is a multi-use non-motorized path that will eventually run 34 miles from Point Merion, Pa., through Uniontown, Pa. (and intersecting the National Road) to the Great Allegheny Passage outside of Connellsville.  Currently, a two-mile segment is open from the GAP to tiny Dunbar, Pa., and other sections are open but yet to be fully connected.  


The original rail line that will define much of the Sheepskin Trail was built in the 1890’s as a branch of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, and constructed to meet the needs of the booming coal and coke industry.  Allegedly, when it first opened, the trains scattered sheep for miles, and disgruntled herders were heard to exclaim, “Darn Sheepskinners!” Travelers on the Sheepskin Trail will be able to view remnants of several coke ovens along the route.


The segment that extends to Dunbar meets the Great Allegheny Passage at the eastern portal of the Bowest Bridge.  Parking is available in Connellsville.