Cumberland Farmers market

Trail Towns

The Great Allegheny Passage is known for its hospitable trail towns, spaced favorably for day, overnight, and thru-trips. Many were built on the backs of those producing coal, lumber, paper, and steel to propel American growth and westward expansion. All are on winding rivers or are connected by railroads. On the adjoining C&O Canal Towpath, canal towns provided respite and resources for those moving raw materials and finished products by canal boat.

Today, bicyclist- and hiker-friendly cafes, inns, guesthouses, restaurants, and outfitters serve locals and tourists. Public art, museums, farmers markets, live music, and festivals abound. Stop in any of these special places among Washington, D.C., Cumberland, and Downtown Pittsburgh.

Great Allegheny Passage Trail Towns

C&O Canal Towpath Canal Towns