Whitaker Bridge Waterfront

Whitaker Flyover

A new bridge over an historic rail yard

The Whitaker Flyover was specially-designed and constructed in 2010 to complete the Great Allegheny Passage through a prominent industrial area east of Homestead, and carries travelers up and over four sets of live railroad tracks.  Between the Whitaker Flyover and the Port Perry Flyover, the GAP follows the path of a former U.S. Steel pipeline which distributed coke gas among steel mills in the Monongahela River valley.  A long ramp leads up from ground-level below, making this a prime location for trainspotting.  Look for Amtrak’s Capitol Limited making its runs among Chicago, Pittsburgh, Cumberland, and Washington, D.C.

Access and availability

Open dawn to dusk.  The nearest parking is at the trailhead in Homestead.