AUG 28 2020 | Our Walk on the GAP

 We couldn’t have been more surprised at how friendly and wonderful the GAP trail was. Here’s a link to Bonnie’s blog about the trip: detailing each day of our trip and our fundraising activi... Read More
Sandra Groce Trip Report

SEP 6 2019 | I broke my elbow on June 23rd. On August 15th, I rode a bicycle from Pittsburgh, PA to Washington, DC, in 3 days. 357 miles, 26 out of 57 hours spent pedaling.

Jonathan Wolff -The idea for this adventure started 6 weeks ago after I broke my elbow training for an enduro mountain bike race. After getting injured, I needed a new target- something to work tow... Read More
Wolff 20190817 195023 01

AUG 15 2019 | Pittsburgh, PA to Cumberland MD Youth Group Trip

Submitted by Daniel Brown - The following is a report of a group ride that 9 young men (14-18) and 3 adults took on the week of June 17, 2019 from Pittsburgh, PA to Cumberland, MD. There were not ... Read More
Md Youth Group 8 2019

JUL 18 2019 | The Great Allegheny Passage Trail

Want to go for a thrilling bike ride? The Great Allegheny Passage Trail is perfect. Also known as the GAP Trail, the passage stretches 150 miles from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Cumberland, Maryla... Read More
GAP near McKeesport, JG

JUL 17 2019 | Great Allegheny Passage: The ride of your life

By Mike Caggeso  “Where to begin?”   That question is the knee-jerk response when somebody asks me to describe the “Ride of Your Life” — the informal nickname for the 335-mile trail ... Read More
Mike Caggeso 5d1516093900e.Image

JUN 1 2019 | Millcreek couple bikes the Great Allegheny Passage

Greg and Teresa Wigham rode the first part of a trail between Washington, D.C., and Pittsburgh in 1998 and the rest, known as the G.A.P., in 2018.  Twenty years ago, when Greg and Teresa ... Read More

MAR 3 2019 | A hiker-biker trip from Pittsburgh to D.C.

I instantly fell in love with cycling after biking my first rail-trail five years ago. After completing all the trails in my local area, and especially after my brother and I biked the 67 mile rou... Read More
Vince Ecd

OCT 8 2018 | GAP and C&O Ride from Pittsburgh to Hancock, MD—5 days, 210 miles

We began our trip by leaving a car at our destination--The Trailside Inn in Hancock, MD. on Saturday. On Sunday we began our GAP bike trip below the Hot Metal Bridge in South Works, Pittsburgh. T... Read More
Patty Daley, Pic

OCT 1 2018 | Biking the Great Allegheny Passage

"Achieve better work/life balance" By Valerie Ormond  One of my business goals this year was to achieve better work/life balance. Aligned with that was to get more physically fit. I’m happy to say I reached both goals and to... Read More
Screen Shot 2018 10 01 At 3.42.11 Pm

JUL 9 2018 | Gleason Family Adventure

I love finding a little diamond in the rough and that is exactly what Ohiopyle State Park area is. We were looking for something to do in the Midwest area to go and adventure at but we were co... Read More
Ohiopyle Blog

APR 5 2018 | A Bike Adventure by Rebecca Regeth

In the spring of 2017, I went for a walk on the Montour trail. I walk this trail frequently and often glance at this sign. This time I spent a few minutes really looking at this sign. 336 miles ... Read More
Bike Trip 2017 Rr

JAN 22 2018 | Solo on the GAP Trail: Forest Bathing, Stories, and Delights

One woman's journey by bike, 130 miles December 7, 2017 - Guest blogger Margaret McBride kindly submitted this post. This past August I cycled 130 miles over four days on part of the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) — a 150-mile rail trai... Read More
Screen Shot 2018 01 22 At 12.05.15 Pm

JAN 4 2018 | GAP ride - Oct 17-19, 2017

Two friends, two bikes, one trail! This trip report was supplied to us via email.  ( Thanks Kevin and Dave...  At Point State Park fountain.  Home of the western Terminus 150 mile marker of the tra... Read More
Img 2040

DEC 11 2017 | We met at the Cumberland train station

Megan's first long-distance bikepacking trip Thanks Megan for sending us your feedback. I can't believe it took me so long to email! We met at the Cumberland train station near the end of September; I had just completed the GAP trail on a ye... Read More
Img 1386

OCT 12 2017 | A Family Bike Travel Weekend Adventure in Maryland!

A short little out and back on the Western Maryland Rail Trail with my 21-month-old son and four months pregnant wife. By Jason Covington Day OneOn Saturday we loaded our gear in the car and waited for our sons nap time and headed to the trail while he slept in the car. When he woke up we unpacked and hit the trai... Read More
Screen Shot 2017 10 12 At 12.31.53 Pm

OCT 10 2017 | An annual 620-mile bicycle ride

"Curt’s Ride To Cure Cancer" "Curt’s Team departs from Amelia Island at the Georgia-Florida border and pedals 75-100 miles each day to arrive at the Southernmost Point marker in Key West a week later."  The team arrives ... Read More
Stacey At The Southernmost Point Marker In Key West

JUL 27 2017 | "....on the Great Allegheny Passage with My Boys"

A mother + sons bike ride. June 30, 2017 - Sarah Hunter kindly submitted this guest blog.   (historical photo of GAP in fall season) My two teenage sons and I loaded our bikes and bare essentials in the car and left o... Read More
Sara Pic 2

JUL 7 2017 | David & Gulya's great adventure riding the Great Allegheny Passage.

Tandem bike ride Cumberland to Pittsburgh By David Bellotti, Posted to Facebook July 1 See their wonderful raw video capturing the trail and sights HERE.    "Over the 3 days, we cycled 151.8 miles averaging 12.2 mph. The trail... Read More
Lhvb Map

JUN 30 2017 | Bicycle Touring-10 Things We Learned

Travel + Exploration = New Experiences by Aerotech Designs, Pittsburgh PA. Bicycle touring is a beautiful extension of cycling that allows you to combine travel, exploration, and the thrill of new experiences and challenges with the jo... Read More
Screen Shot 2017 06 30 At 4.07.44 Pm

JUN 1 2017 | Pittsburgh to Cumberland on the Great Allegheny Passage

Video of biking the #GAPtrail Some take photos, others capture video.  Jeff Morris who mostly bikes trails in DC and Baltimore area published a series of videos capturing mile by mile biking his trip on the Great Allegheny... Read More
20141011 162115 Richtone(Hdr)

MAY 15 2017 | Cycling the GAP - Great Allegheny Passage

See the journey 5 friends completed Published on Mar 1, 2014 by Ashley Nardone The 150 mile ride connecting Cumberland, MD and Pittsburgh, PA known as the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP trail).  finish in Pittsburgh Pa... Bikin... Read More
Screen Shot 2017 05 15 At 8.04.28 Am

MAY 8 2017 | Turning 40 on the Great Allegheny Passage and the C&O Canal

David Gill chose to turn 40 during an ambitious, self-contained adventure. Over the years, I have done many memorable things to celebrate my birthday. When I turned 40, I chose my first-ever, self-contained cycling trip on the Great Allegheny Passage and the C&O Can... Read More
David G

MAY 8 2017 | ..."an odyssey of our own: a 335-mile bike ride from Pittsburgh, PA to Washington D.C."

5 day trip plans     "On Sunday morning May 7th, while over 14,000 runners laced up their shoes for the Pittsburgh Marathon, my dad, my cousin Dave and I pumped our tires and clipped on our helmets ... Read More
Gapmapclipped Old Version

JAN 26 2017 | TRIP OF A LIFETIME, By Debbie Vogt

In the summer of 2015, my 14-yr-old brother Josh and my dad bicycled the Great Allegheny Passage, beginning at our home in Rootstown, Ohio, bicycling to the official start of the trail in Pittsburg... Read More
Trip Of A Lifetime

JAN 3 2017 | Family trip - Six Months, Six Wheels, Lots of Ice Cream

Rob, Sarah and Cedar biked cross country and enjoy every minute! (well almost every minute) They highlight the Great Allegheny Passage as a 'National Treasure.' Click here to read about their excit... Read More

DEC 19 2016 | 3 Lawyers, 3 Bikes, 3 Rivers, 3 Days

Three of us rode all 334 miles on the GAP and C&O trails on three rain-free days in late October of 2016. A video of our adventure can be found on YouTube. Read More

DEC 1 2016 | Great Allegheny Passage/C&O Canal Towpath Trip, by James Brink

August 22-26, 2015 by: James J. BrinkRiding the GAP and C&O from Pittsburgh to Washington, DC has been on my list of “things to do” for years. I watched with anticipation for years the progress... Read More
James Brink

NOV 10 2016 | GAP and C&O Towpath offer a memorable ride

A group of us from Milwaukee biked the GAP/C&O trails in September, and I thought you'd enjoy the story I wrote about our trip for the Travel section of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which ra... Read More
GAP near McKeesport, JG

SEP 15 2016 | County Executive Fitzgerald Embarks on 6-Day Bike Trip on the Great Allegheny Passage and the C&O Towpath

County Executive Fitzgerald Embarks on 6-Day Bike Trip on the Great Allegheny Passage and the C&O Towpath. Click here to follow his ride. Read More
Rich Fitzgerald Bike Ride

AUG 29 2016 | Roaming to Freedom: Discovering the Planet through Running, Biking, Hiking, Kayaking…

I recently had an amazing journey riding my bike on the C&O and the GAP from DC to Pittsburgh. To share my story with my friends, I created a blog entry. Click here to read the full story. Read More
roaming freedom

JUL 28 2016 | Riding the Great Allegheny Passage

I rode the GAP recently and documented it in my blog post and I would like to share with the folks who might be interested in riding the trail.  Please share my blog post with fellow bike... Read More
Gap Blog

JUN 7 2016 | WPC Protects Another Large Forested Area in the Laurel Highlands Along the Great Allegheny Passage

The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy (WPC) today announced the permanent protection of hundreds of forested acres in the Laurel Highlands along two miles of the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP). Read More
329 Acres Aerial Web Wpc

JUN 7 2016 | The Trip of Your Life: Tips for Biking the Great Allegheny Passage

Uncovering PA I’ve done a lot of amazing things during my travels around Pennsylvania, but few have been more exciting and rewarding as my bike trip along the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP). This trail follows th... Read More
Cheney Family On The Gap Trail Cumberland Md

MAY 11 2016 | Deacon Matt's Blog

Deacon Matt's Blog - July 2015 If you’ve never tried bike touring, I definitely recommend it. Even just an overnighter for a two day ride of 20-40 miles each day to try it out. This trip was s... Read More
Img 7130

FEB 3 2016 | A Hiker Like Anyone Else: Recounting a blind women's cross-country hike

By: Ed Talone Recounting a blind women's cross-country hike. Read More

AUG 30 2015 | Biking a Trail of History from Pittsburgh to Washington

Read about Matthew Wald's account of his trip from Pittsburgh to D.C. in a New York Times Travel section article. Read More
26biking Slideshow Slide Kfj1 Master1050

AUG 30 2015 | Twelve Mile Circle's GAP trip

Read the Twelve Mile Circle blog about their ride from Pittsburgh to Cumberland on the GAP here. Read More
17027203788 358fe2bc7a

AUG 30 2015 | Washington D.C. to Pittsburgh Bike Trip

Read about Kenneth's unsupported solo trip from D.C. to Pittsburgh here. Read More

AUG 30 2015 | Bike support team to D.C. endures rigors of elegance

"Have you been thinking about doing that bike trail to Washington, D.C., but find the idea of riding 335 miles daunting? My wife and I discovered it isn’t that bad when you do it by car. Not the t... Read More
Bikers Riding (1)

AUG 30 2015 | Great Allegheny Passage - May 9-12, 2011

Bike Musings by Bruce In 2011 Bruce and his wife travel from Boston, Pa to Cumberland, Maryland in 3 days on the GAP. Read about their trip, check out their delightful photos, and read their suggestions. Particularly in... Read More

AUG 30 2015 | Keith Workman's The Ride of Your Life

"Follow our travels each day, we experience 'the ride of our lives'. The trail goes 'thru'  the mountains, not over them as the GAP Trail goes thru three tunnels, the longest of which is the B... Read More
7 9 2013 315

AUG 30 2015 | Cycling the GAP video

We came across this cool GAP video on twitter! Read More

AUG 30 2015 | Jack's Solo GAP C&O 2014 Ride

Check out Jack's 2014 ride of the GAP and C&O Canal Read More

AUG 29 2015 | May 2014 GAP trip report - submitted by Whisper

Check out Whisper's 2014 Great Allegheny Passage Journal Read More
Tj17137 051214 222736 838425

AUG 29 2015 | Thru-Trip Survey

Get your "Certificate of Completion" After you get back from your bike trip, please take a few minutes and send us an E-mail with a brief trip report, 2-3 photos of your favorite sights you saw along the trip, or your comments an... Read More
Thru Trip Certificate

AUG 24 2015 | Kiko and Susana's Ride of Your Life blog

Click here to read Kiko and Susana's account of their ride from Pittsburgh to D.C. Read More

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