An annual 620-mile bicycle ride

"Curt’s Ride To Cure Cancer"

OCT 10 2017

Stacey At The Southernmost Point Marker In Key West

"Curt’s Team departs from Amelia Island at the Georgia-Florida border and pedals 75-100 miles each day to arrive at the Southernmost Point marker in Key West a week later."

Curt's Team 2017 At The Sign For Key West The team arrives in Key West.

"Due to the devastation unleashed upon Florida by hurricane Irma, the route for the 2017 edition of Curt’s Ride has changed. Instead of riding to Key West, we are cycling 300 miles across four different states to reach Pittsburgh, PA! The plan is to ride 300 miles along the C&O Canal Towpath/Great Allegheny Passage ( ) from Washington D.C. to Pittsburgh. We plan to do about 50 miles a day over six days. For those who wish to add extra miles, there are several loops, scenic detours, and other options along the way. We will set out on Sunday, Oct. 1, allowing riders to travel in to town on Saturday, Sept 30. We will arrive in Pittsburgh on Saturday, Oct 7, after cycling through VA, MD, WV and PA."

Thank you Stacey McClain for the report below:

2017 Edition of Curt’s Ride To Cure Cancer 

Destination Change from Key West to Pittsburgh

~ Curt’s Team to bike all 300 miles of the C&O Canal Towpath/Great Allegheny Passage the first week in October! ~
Curt’s Ride To Cure Cancer ( has been an annual week long, 620-mile
bike ride that customarily followed Florida’s East Coast Greenway to increase cancer
awareness and raise funds to support the search for a cure. The ride was established in 2010
as a tribute to Curt Ewald, a friend who died of cancer that year. For the past seven years,
Curt’s Team has biked the entire length of Florida, starting at the Georgia/Florida border,
cycling 75 to 100 miles each day, arriving a week later at the Southernmost Point marker in Key

“If everything goes according to plan, you don’t have a story...”
Given the devastating effects unleased upon Florida during Hurricane Irma, conducting the
ride in Florida on the original schedule wasn’t a realistic possibility for this year. So, instead of
cycling down the east coast of Florida, Curt’s Team will bike from D.C. to Pittsburgh and cover
almost all 300-some miles of the C&O Canal Towpath/Great Allegheny Passage, cycling across
four different states!

As this is going to be a new route for Curt’s Team, they anticipate spending a substantial
amount of time getting lost, stopping for snacks, getting lost, repairing bikes, getting lost,
stopping for lunch, getting lost, singing camp songs, and getting lost.
Curt’s Team consists of a group of otherwise sane, reasonable, and mature individuals who
commit themselves to pursuing the insane goal of pushing their bicycles and themselves to
commemorate family, friends and all others who have been directly and personally affected by
cancer. You can read about each of the participants, why they are riding in the 2017 Curt’s
Ride To Cure Cancer, and the route they will be following, on their project webpage at

The group of riders will set out on Sunday, Oct. 1 from Herndon, VA, biking about 50 miles a
day over six days, to arrive in Pittsburgh on Saturday, Oct. 7. Additional information about the
ride, including their planned itinerary and progress notes, will be posted on the Curt’s Ride
Facebook page at (you don’t have to be a member of
Facebook to see the page, but you will have to join if you want to comment or participate in the

Virtually everyone has been touched by cancer in some way.
Curt’s Team sets a fundraising goal each year of around $25,000 for the American Cancer
Society to honor friends and family members lost to cancer.
On behalf of those affected by cancer, the members of Curt’s Team are asking for your help to
support our project. You can do this by contributing online at ride-to-cure-cancer-2017/.


The Great Allegheny Passage ® (GAP) rail-trail offers 150 miles of hiking and biking from Cumberland MD to Pittsburgh,PA.


P.O. Box 228
Homestead, PA 15120